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Bruce Carlton Lawson - Redskins #1 Fan

Bruce Lawson
by John Napier

The following is the eulogy given by Mr. Napier during Bruceís memorial service. Also, the only football game that Bruce missed since midway through the 1961 season was the 2000 play-off game vs. South Greene - Editor

You have come here today to celebrate the life of a very unique individual. Youíll never meet another one like him!

Bruce, if youíre looking down on us, I know there is that big smile on your face when you see all of these friends of yours that came here today to say good-by. Youíre going to be missed!

I have personally seen hundreds of Loudon football, basketball, and baseball games. But, I have seen but one or two games when you werenít there. You are as much a part of Loudon High School athletics as the goal posts on the football field, the scorerís table in the gymnasium, and the green grass on the baseball field. You are the "Sprit of Loudon High School"!

It will take us sometime to get used to not seeing you walking up and down the sideline on a football Friday night. Or standing in that corner or sitting on the end of the bench at basketball games. Picking up the scorebook at the end of the game, and going to the office to make your call to the News-Sentinel. Hanging around the dugout, or sometimes announcing at the baseball games.

I canít imagine a Lenoir City pep rally when youíre not here to lead our student body in "Two BitsÖ"

The press box is going to be missing something when youíre not there to eat a pre-game snack, correct me on a mistake Iíve made on a game played long ago, or when you read the game statistics over the radio at the end of each football game. Itís going to take me some time to get used to you not being there.

Iím also going to miss you going through the line to shake hands with the coaches and players of the other team after our games. Iíve watched you do that ritual hundreds of times through many years.

Youíve been a good friend to me. In the 40 some years that Iíve known you, you never had a cross word to say to me, I really appreciate you for that. I only hope that I was as patient and considerate of you as you were to me.

Youíre in a better place now - thatís for sure. Make sure you tell Bill and Miss Helen, Coach Blackburn, Charlie Paul, Jim Mike, Dad, Butch, Joe Lee, Trey, and Cody hello from all of us and that we sure do miss you guys.

And somewhere down the road, when the game is on the line, and itís 4th and 1, and our boys are tired and weary, and donít think they can go another step - I think it would be OK if you would beam down a message to them and tell them what youíve been telling them for all those years: "You can if you think you can. If you believe in yourself and your teammates, then any opponent can be conquered".

And then give Ďem one more, "Letís go Big Red!!!"


So long old friend, rest in peaceÖ

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