Meigs Co. Tigers VS REDSKINS Scrimmage - August 4th, 2005

Article by Jeff McQueen
Photos by Jammie Graves

On Thursday, August 4th, the Meigs Co. Tigers invaded “Chig Ratledge Stadium, Dukes Field”, home of the Loudon Redskins. In what would be the first of three scrimmage games plus the “Henry Blackburn Jamboree”; that should give the Redskin coaching staff a good look at the future and time to iron out any rough spots? Your Redskins are poised for a big season; this should be a break out year. Being in a new Region removes the “we can’t beat so-an-so” syndrome, that slate is wiped clean. With 14 seniors, all the skill positions returning, and a much improved line…can the ‘Skins find a way? Let’s go ahead and kick off the 2005 pre-season and find out.

LOUDON REDSKINS (Region 2-2A) Stats:

    Rushing: 37 carries for 244 yds, (3) TD’s, and (1) 2-pt. conv
  • #24 Josh Hawkins: (9) carries for 79 yds and (2) TD’s
  • #7 Mark Harrison: (2) carries for 23 yds
  • #11 Brandon Dixon: (2) carries for 5 yds
  • #4 Cody Fritts: (3) carries for 0 yds
  • #8 Tyler Campbell: (6) carries for 36 yds
  • #44 Matthew Packett: (2) carries for 8 yds and (1) TD
  • #32 Mark Longworth: (5) carries for 8 yds and (1) 2-pt. conv
  • #20 Tom Cruz: (6) carries for 71 yds and (1) TD
  • #15 Blake McNew: (2) carries for 14 yds
    Passing: The three quarterbacks (#4 Cody Fritts, #15 Blake McNew, and #3 Brandon Johnson) combined for: 13 of 17 for 227 yds, (0) INT’s, (3) TD’s, & (1) 2-pt. conv
  • #24 Josh Hawkins: (1) reception for 12 yds
  • #81 Daniel Laughlin: (1) reception for 14 yds
  • #31 Ben Curtis: (2) receptions for 10 yds and (1) 2-pt. conv
  • #21 Cory Fritts: (3) receptions for 101 yds and (1) TD
  • #8 Tyler Campbell: (1) reception for 15 yds
  • #34 Ryan Queen: (3) receptions for 39 yds and (2) TD’s
  • #16 Wiley Brakebill: (1) reception for 30 yds
  • #85 Raymond Wagner: (1) reception for 6 yds
  • #4 Cody Fritts: (4) extra point kicks
  • #82 Cody Wiggins: (1) fumble recovery
  • #88 “Big” Ace Henry: (1) interception returned 43 yds for a TD
  • #8 Tyler Campbell: (1) interception
  • #34 Ryan Queen: (2) interceptions
  • Penalties: 4 for -35 yards
  • Fumbles: 1, lost 1
    Megis Co. Tigers (Region 3-3A)
  • Rushing: 33 carries for 57 yds and (0) TD’s
  • Passing: 7 of 19 for 26 yds and (4) INT’s
  • Misc: Fumbles: 4, lost 1


This Meigs Co. offering wasn’t as potent as last years team, gone is their size and ball control offense. Tiger Head Coach Mike Martin was left wondering “Where’s the Beef?” Instead the Redskins victimized the toothless Tigers, forcing four fumbles and poaching four errant passes. The “Big Red Wall” held Meigs to 83 yards of total offense. Your Redskins, on the other hand, enjoyed one of their most balanced games in recent history rushing for 244 yards on 37 attempts and completing 13 passes for 227 yards; and scoring six touchdowns in the process. The final ‘Skin score came as senior cornerback #88 “Big” Ace Henry stepped in front of the intended receiver and rumbled 43 yards to pay dirt!

The scrimmage lasted for about three hours, and it was hot! Plenty of players got looks; the underclassmen were mixed in with the 1’s. Your Redskin “O” and “D” lines looked good on both sides of the ball. #52 Clay Matlock made some noise at linebacker. The Fritts to Fritts pitch and catch was good for 65 yards and a touchdown. All in all, a good start to what looks like another exciting Redskin season.

Rarely does one get to meet oneself? However, at the conclusion of the scrimmage the quarterback for the Tigers, Tyler Roberts was introduced to Tyler Roberts, the Redskins OL/DL lineman… I think they met a few times during the game as well.

The Redskins will host the McMinn Central Chargers in a scrimmage game this Thursday (8-11) at “Chig Ratledge Stadium, Dukes Field”, home of the Loudon Redskins.